A Fair and Transparent Business Opportunity

MC Ocean not only has experienced teamwork, but also had the guidance of successful people, and the perfect system to help everyone realize their dreams.

MC-Ocean is not a recruitment company rumored by the outside world, but purely the profit gets from the product sales. MC-Ocean goal is to produce high-quality products with unique attributes that enhance health and beauty. Besides, JAKIM also certified HALAL to all MC-Ocean products. MC-Ocean academic is passionate and committed in comprehensive education and training. Moreover, the company’s comprehensive training programs spearhead the effort in educating and coaching everyone. Consequently, lead everyone to the right mindset.

Our Achivements

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Why MC Ocean?

Notable Achievers

Many people have become successful through MC Ocean platform, here is a list of the most notable achievers.

Excellent Products

MC Ocean products help a lot of people to solve or prevent health problems, here are some product testimonials.

Trip and Event

Other than business opportunities, MC Ocean often organize incentive trips and many other events to encourage our partners to enjoy every moment.

Team Work and Coaching

MC Ocean encourage working as a team because it would be easier to learn from each other, focus on the same direction and ultimately achieve your goals. 

A good personal value philosophy because of it significant leads towards healthy, meaningful, and wisdom in life. Our extensive products research and development bring us a wide range of excellent and healthy products. MC-Ocean is a successful platform for enthusiastic people to succeed and achieve their wellness, wealth, and freedom of life. The company cares for society, and we are actively involved in various charitable activities. Come and join us in showing human kindness for the community and the needy people. The journey of MC-Ocean academic has already begun and will never end.

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FAQ About MC Ocean

The world of Internet is loud and noisy, where impulsivity and negativity are rewarded with attentions or even monetized, while etiquette and positivity are muffled out. Let us settle these internet comments eloquently.

Before we start, we would like to thank the online community and media for keeping tabs on the past events of MC-Ocean. Albeit unpleasant and occasionally crude, these feedbacks still play an important role in reminding each and every businessmen and businesswomen, that they must adhere to responsibility, discipline, lawfulness, and conscience. Only on these right foundations, MC-Ocean can march healthily and strongly towards the global market.  Once again, we express our deepest gratitude towards the criticism and critique provided by your feedback.

Terlalu banyak suara di Internet,

Drama terlepas dari kebosanan,

Mari kita selesaikan dengan kefasihan!

Pertama sekali, kami ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada media dalam talian yang telah mengkritik dan mengulas mengenai peristiwa-peristiwa penting masa lalu MC-Ocean. Walaupun ia tidak tepat, tetapi ia masih memainkan peranan dalam mengingatkan setiap orang dan setiap orang yang menjalankan perniagaan mesti mematuhi tanggungjawab, disiplin, undang-undang, dan hati nurani. Hanya dalam asas-asas yang betul, MC-Ocean dapat berbaris dengan sihat dan tegar ke arah pasaran global. Sekali lagi, kami berterima kasih kepada kritikan dan penyeliaan kritikal yang diberikan oleh maklumbalas anda.

Orang yang telah mendapat manfaat akan berkongsi kejayaan mereka dengan rakan-rakan,

Orang yang tidak berpuas hati akan mengimbau aduan mereka ke seluruh dunia.

Internet information is not widely verified; however, this is not the first time we have heard this question, and definitely will not be the last.  Therefore, we welcome friends who are keen to explore the truthfulness and the “nature” of such occurrences.

Internet mobs, or keyboard warriors, like to utilize the anonymous features of Internet to make irresponsible remarks without consideration of legality and accurateness, some may even indulge in their own exaggerating slanders. Among these overwhelming number of remarks, fundamentally it is up to the reader to decide whether he or she believes in the comments and reviews, as one could simply believe what others say out of ease and convenience, or actually put some efforts into investigating the truth.

We would like to thank the online community and media for keeping tabs on the past events of MC-Ocean. Albeit unpleasant and occasionally crude, these feedbacks still play an important role in reminding each and every businessmen and businesswomen, that they must adhere to responsibility, discipline, lawfulness, and conscience. Only on these right foundations, MC-Ocean can march healthily and strongly towards the global market.  

The biggest problem of our company comes from the business that is run together by tens of thousands of people. For examples: Married couples can one day fight and divorce; family members, brothers, and sisters can have disputes and disengage from kinship; in business, several people can run a joint business, fight each other to the court over strategic disagreement and become commercial enemies; how can an enterprise consisted of tens of thousands have no quarrel?

Nowadays the Internet has become the best place to quarrel, with anonymity, people can say anything without reciprocation.

Therefore, in any business, it takes “wisdom” to see through the quarrels. Unfortunately, “wisdom” is not a common attribute.

The future of our company lies in the cultivation of “wisdom” and deterring behaviors such as unswerving, unfaithful and shallow thinking. In a way, these online attacks have acted as a filter that separates the weak and strong, creating an environment where the fittest stands and thrives.

Maklumat internet tidak banyak disahkan; Walau bagaimanapun, ini bukan kali pertama kita mendengar soalan ini, dan pastinya tidak akan menjadi yang terakhir juga. Kami mengalu-alukan rakan-rakan yang berminat untuk meneroka “benar atau salah” untuk bercakap dengan kami untuk memahami kebenaran.

Pelayan Internet, atau pejuang papan kekunci, suka memanfaatkan ciri-ciri tanpa nama di internet untuk menyuarakan ucapan yang tidak bertanggungjawab. Sudah tentu, seseorang boleh membesar-besarkan atau bahkan memfitnah dalam fitnah seseorang, percaya atau tidak, semuanya terserah kepada mata dan kebijaksanaan penatua. Semuanya datang kepada sama ada anda memilih untuk mengambil subjek dengan ringan tanpa mengatasi masalah, atau benar-benar menaruh usaha ke arah praktikal menyiasat kebenaran.

Kami menghargai media dalam talian yang telah mengkritik dan mengulas mengenai peristiwa-peristiwa penting lalu MC-Ocean; Walaupun tidak akur, kita masih mengingatkan setiap orang supaya setiap orang yang menjalankan perniagaan  dengan hati nurani, bertanggungjawab, disiplin,  dan mematuhi undang-undang. Hanya dasar moral yang betul, MC-Ocean dapat berkembang maju dengan sihat dan tegar ke arah pasaran global.

Masalah terbesar syarikat kita berasal dari “perniagaan yang didagang oleh puluhan ribu perniaga”. Saya ingin bertanya: Pasangan berkahwin boleh satu hari bertarung dan bercerai; ahli keluarga, adik-beradik juga boleh mempunyai konflik dan melepaskan diri daripada persaudaraan; dalam perniagaan, beberapa orang boleh menjalankan perniagaan bersama, bertarung satu sama lain ke mahkamah atas ketidaksepakatan strategik dan menjadi musuh komersil; bagaimanakah perusahaan yang terdiri daripada puluhan ribu perniaga tidak bertengkar?

Pada masa kini internet telah menjadi tempat terbaik untuk bertengkar, dengan identiti palsu, orang boleh mengatakan apa-apa tanpa balasan.

Oleh itu, seorang “yang bijak” tidak boleh tertipu oleh mesej tanpa nama yang kredibiliti rendah. Malangnya, “bijak” bukan sifat biasa.

Masa depan syarikat kami adalah untuk mengalu-alukan orang bijak dan menghapuskan pemikir cetek yang tidak berhemat dan / atau ketidakpercayaan. Dengan cara ini serangan dalam talian ini memisahkan perniaga lemah dan kuat, mewujudkan persekitaran di mana yang paling teguh berdiri dan berkembang maju.

We share the same “basic structure” with other companies. However, we differentiate ourselves through our courses, rewards, doctors, dietitians, successful teachers, and the collaborative spirit of support team culture. These are the elements that enable participants to get enough resources to achieve their goals successfully & quickly.

“Perkakasan” syarikat kami adalah serupa dengan syarikat lain, Tetapi perisian, sistem, kursus, sistem, doktor, ahli diet, pengajar yang berjaya, dan semangat kerjasama budaya pasukan sokongan adalah elemen yang membolehkan peserta memperoleh sumber yang mencukupi untuk mencapai matlamat utama mereka dengan jayanya.

A pyramid scheme is a marketing plan illegal in most modern countries. They rely on the joining of additional members to create income and only benefit few people at the top.

A Multi-Level Marketing company focuses on sales of genuine products. Their system will also allow for a member in the network to reach a higher level than the person ‘above’ them.

If you are still unsure, you may have a read online regarding the differences between MLM and Pyramid Schemes online.

MC-Ocean is a legitimate company, as the Malaysian government has given us a direct sales license that renews every 5 years. We also have acquired legitimate business licenses from other countries such as Thailand (Permanent), Indonesia (Renew every 5 years) etc. Among these countries, we have been operating in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Vietnam for nearly 10 years now. In what country would you like to begin your journey with us?

Skim piramid adalah pelan pemasaran yang diharamkan oleh kerajaan, ia tidak berlesen dan hanya mendapat manfaat daripada beberapa orang teratas. Kerajaan Malaysia telah memberi kami lesen selama 5 tahun, lesen Thailand kekal, lesen Indonesia 5 tahun, kami juga mempunyai banyak lesen perniagaan tetap di luar negara. Kami telah beroperasi di banyak negara selama hampir 10 tahun; Hong Kong, China, Singapura, Vietnam, dan lain-lain. Negara mana yang anda mahu mulakan?

Some people have made significant achievements, and some have failed. Just like everyone in this society, only 10% will be the best, 20% good, and 30% average. The rest may not have as much freedom as those above them. This social ratio exists in every countries and societies.

Although many people have achieved their dreams through our platform, we don’t offer you a paradise. Anyone can be successful, but not everyone will.

Just as there is no guarantee that a person will be top student after attending school, there is no guarantee a graduate from top university will have a successful future.

Sesetengah orang telah membuat pencapaian yang hebat dan beberapa telah gagal. Sama seperti semua orang dalam masyarakat ini, hanya 10% yang luar biasa, 20% adalah baik, dan 30% adalah biasa-biasa saja. Selebihnya amat sukar. Ini berlaku di kebanyakan negara dan masyarakat. Jangan menganggap syarikat kami syurga, tidak semua orang akan berjaya. Jadilah matang, jangan naif.

Jangan fikir bahawa pergi ke sekolah, anda adalah pelajar yang baik, dan semua orang adalah yang pertama. Tiada yang dapat menjamin bahawa tamat pengajian dari sebuah sekolah yang terkenal akan mempunyai masa depan yang berjaya?