Stealing Food?

A student of the teacher found something dirty fell into the pot while cooking the oatmeal. He quickly picked it up with a spoon, and when he wanted to dump it, he suddenly thought that food would not come easily. Then he ate it. As soon as the teacher walked into the kitchen, thinking that he was stealing food, he taught a lesson to the student who was responsible for cooking. After the explanation of the student, everyone suddenly realized. The teacher said with emotion: “The things I saw with my own eyes are not true, what about the hearsay?”

Selling a business is an organized business because there are many people, and there are many personal problems. From time to time, we hear words that are difficult to distinguish. If a company attacks another company, it is often confusing and affecting confidence. Therefore, to find out the truth of the matter, it is not easy to believe in rumors, and the hard-working cause will not be destroyed.