Two Fisherman 


Two Fishermen

Once upon a time, two hungry men got the gift of an elder: a fishing rod and a huge fish. Among them, one person asked for a squid, and the other asked for a fishing rod, so they parted ways. The person who got the fish used the dry wood to set up the bonfire and boiled the fish. He gorged himself and did not taste the meat of the fresh fish. In a flash, even the fish with the soup was eaten by him. Soon, he starved to death beside the empty fishing rod. The other person continued to go hungry with the fishing rod and walked hard to the beach step by step, but when he had seen the blue ocean not far away, the ultimate strength of his body was finished. He can only squint with endless regrets.

Soon after, there were another two other hungry men who also received a fishing rod and a squid from the elders. It’s just that they didn’t go their separate ways, but they agreed to go together to find the sea. They only cook one fish at a time. They went to the beach after a long trek. From then on, the two started fishing for a living, several years. After that, they built a house, had their own families, children, and built their own fishing boats, and lived a happy and healthy life.

A person who only cares about the immediate interests will eventually have a short-lived joy; one has a high goal, but he also has to face real life. Only by combining ideas with reality can it be a successful person. Sometimes, the simple truth is enough to give a meaningful life revelation.