MC Ocean’s World Trip 2023 – Romance of Turkey

MC Ocean's World Trip 2023 - Romance of Turkey
MC Ocean's World Trip 2023 - Romance of Turkey

MC Ocean's World Trip to Turkey

MC Ocean’s World Trip to Turkey serves as a rare leisure opportunity for business partners and showcases the company’s care and love for our business partners. Turkey, a country with abundant historical and cultural heritage, as well as unique natural landscapes, guarantees MC-Ocean’s distributors a journey filled with surprises and delightful memories.

During the trip, MC Ocean business partners had the opportunity to visit world cultural heritage sites, including the famous St. Sophia and the Blue Mosque. These historical landmarks showcased Turkey’s rich history and cultural heritage, immersing business partners in the allure of this captivating country.

The Cappadocia region, renowned for its peculiar rock formations and magnificent natural landscapes, allowed MC Ocean’s distributors to experience the natural beauty of Turkey. Exploring the awe-inspiring landscapes of Cappadocia, MC Ocean’s distributors were captivated by the region’s unique geological formations, creating profound memories of Turkey’s natural wonders.

Moreover, Turkish cuisine and cultural arts left a deep impression on MC Ocean’s business partners. Sampling local delicacies such as kebabs, dumplings, and toast introduced business partners to the distinctive flavors of Turkey. Additionally, Turkey’s cultural and artistic forms, including Turkish dance and music, showcased the country’s profound cultural heritage, and fascinating business partners with their charm.

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  1. MC-Ocean International

    This MC-Ocean Turkey Incentive Trip not only allowed members to relax and broaden their horizons but also enhanced their enthusiasm and motivation for career and life. MC-Ocean deeply understand the importance of incentive travel, which can motivate members to better pursue career development. MC-Ocean believe that this trip will become a precious memory for members and a wonderful life experience.

    1. 谢谢公司亿万航土耳其旅游奖励~
      很感恩能达成公司考核,享受到公司奖励的免费旅游,只要你足够优秀,公司不会亏待你。 公司福利,土耳其之旅该努力的时候,全命全力该享受生活的时候,激情的享受美食、美景更本停不… 亿万航公司厚爱,不负遇见,心存感恩,何其有幸,感谢领导们给予这次旅游的知识

      Turkey trip 的开始证明了,我们更进一步的成长。享受高贵奢侈,富养自己的,回过头的时候都不带遗憾的时刻。

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