Mcocean Mid-Autumn Festival 2018

Pesta Tanglung Dun Bukit Kepayang

In the midst of Mid-Autumn Festival, the moon shines brightly on our amicable and harmonious country and uprising Pakatan Harapan.

Among the ardent celebration however, the terrible sight of landfills and pollution also reflects on many places, creating a slowly amassing waves of rubbish and smog that would one day engulf us all.

Malaysian government has been paying attention to a greener future and as of 28th September, “Pesta Tanglung Dun Bukit Kepayang” is hosted by Negeri Sembilan state executive councilor (NS State Exco) Yang Berhormat Tan Lee Koon ( YB Nicole Tan ) to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, with themes of advocating environmental protection by prohibiting use of plastic cutleries, plates and bags.

As the pioneer in Biodegradable and Compostable industry, Ener Worldwide have responded to the calling and attended the event and sponsored Biodegradable & Compostable plates for public use. The message of “Keep Trash Off the Ground” has proved effective as not a single litter can be seen by the end of the event.

There were many VIP guests attending this memorable celebrating event, including Malaysia Minister of Transport YB Anthony Loke Siew Fook, Member of the Malaysian Parliament (MLP) for Rasah, Negeri Sembilan YB Cha Kee Chin, Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) Yang Teo Kok Seong and Member of Democratic Action Party (DAP) Chew Seh Yong, DAP Ng Chin Tsai as well as Founder of MC-Ocean Holding Sdn Bhd & Ener Worldwide Dato’ Sri Dr Pearson Chia and Datin Sri Lilen Tan.