There wouldn’t be a me without you mom and dad, I love you!

C-Ocean hereby express our gratitude and appreciates towards all dads and moms in the world! Thank you for supporting your children and backing them up along their journey towards growth, independence and success.

As an ambition of Parent’s Day, one should embrace the assertiveness to work hard and consideration to spend time with our parents. We encouraged our young business partners to invite their parents and elderlies and together explore the quality of wellness, beauty and vast horizon of MC-Ocean platform. Looking onto the responsible, passion and assertiveness of their children, many parents experienced the bitter sweetness realization of how far their children have grown and how wide their children’s career had developed, putting many to smiles and expressing comforting tenderness.

MC-Ocean wishes all to always remember the root that create what we become today, to give thanks towards the kindness, patience and unrequited love of our parents that have lifted us along the journey of success. While working hard on our career, let’s not forget to spend time with our parents and family, sharing your stories and include them in your milestones of success!

MC-Ocean: We Care, We Share.